asmitMany of us have been touched by cancer in some way. We feel its presence throughout our families, friends and communities. Today, more and more patients are battling cancer in our country. Our Chairman has experienced the pain and anxiety in his family when he lost his mother to cancer.


According to World Health Organization report, premature deaths by this non-communicable diseases is highest in India. Of all the other non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular ailments, chronic respiratory problems and diabetes, cancer is a major public health concern.
The cancer burden in developing countries is reaching pandemic proportions. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in India, with about 2.5 million cancer patients, 1 million new cases added every year and with a chance of the disease rising five-fold by 2025. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has urged the Government of India to make cancer a notifiable disease.  There is a high probability of treating cancers if detected early — in Stage I or Stage II.


We at Signature Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd. takes a sincere approach through our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative to provide cancer education that inspires ingenuity, and educates people who suffer from , and brings better treatments to a greater number of patients living with cancer, and the well-being of mankind. Ignorance among public, delayed diagnosis and lack of adequate medical facilities has given cancer the dubious distinction of being a ‘killer disease’. However, fact remains that if cancer is detected in its early stages, it can be treated and individual can lead a healthy life.


ASMITA FOUNDATION a NON PROFIT INITIATIVE, founded in the year 2005 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh is an NGO working over pan India for the betterment of health for the under privileged, focusing on the treatment of cancer patients.
Cancer is expensive, even for those with health insurance. For those with limited financial means, ASMITA FOUNDATION can help pay for prescriptions drugs associated with cancer and pain management. In addition, we can help the underprivileged receive assistance to cover the costs of other cancer-related supplies.ASMITA FOUNDATION will also help by coordinating applications for other financial assistance programs in the treatment of such chronic diseases. The priority is to treat patients with good prognosis who cannot afford their costly treatment. 


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